How does your affiliate program work?

We basically we give you 30% of every sale and an additional 10% from every recurring payment, if the user that purchase the WordPress theme comes through your affiliate links. Here is a step by step tutorial.

Create an account on our website

You'll need an account on our website in order to get access to banners and affiliate links that will enable you to start promoting our themes and earn yourself a pile of cash.

Apply for an affiliate account

Next you need to apply for an affiliate account by providing us a bit of info about where you plan to promote our themes. Press the Join Affiliate Program button on our Affiliate page. After a fast vetting process, we’ll activate your affiliate status and you’ll be able to start promoting our themes.

Place the affiliate links on your website

In your account you’ll find a bunch of different affiliate banners and referral links that you can use on your website to drive users our way.

Earn money by sending traffic to our site

When a user comes to our website from one of your links, our affiliate software sets a cookie. You get 30% cut on every purchase the user makes on our website, even if the customer comes back at a later time plus an additional 10% from any recurring payment if the user joins our club membership.

Get paid once a month

A PayPal account is required in order to get your cash so please don’t forget to include a PayPall email address when you apply for the affiliate account. We pay our affiliate partners once a month. Expect to receive your affiliate share at the beginning of each month between 1st and 10th. Note that all the affiliate payments are generated with a 30 days delay in order to prevent frauds. Read more about this here.

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